Do you remember Jim Bakker of Tammy Faye fame? When I was kid the disgraced televangelist was going through his scandals. He bilked millions of dollars from his followers and he went to prison for that. The media forgot about him after that happened. I didn’t realize he was paroled early and continued doing what he did best, taking money from fools who would listen to him. Turning back to televangelism, he started this odd focus on survivalism as well. Bakker actually sells his own brand of survival food on his show.

Now some of you might remember I bought some emergency rations as part of my prep for an extended disaster zombie apocalypse situation. As such, I’m interested in how good these Bakker’s survival food might be. Well, the folks at Gawker Media decided to get chef Greg Lauro to prepare and then sample a variety of Bakker’s foods. The video above documents the whole process. I hope I won’t spoil the video for you when I say, if you’re having to subsist on Jim Bakker’s buckets of emergency food during the apocalypse, you might want to just let the zombies eat you.

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