This week Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 came out, the latest in the long line of video games featuring the legendary skateboarder.

As you might recall, I was part of the team that made three skateboarding games for EA in direct competition to Tony’s games. Despite having much higher critical acclaim, EA no longer makes skateboarding games and has left the genre for Activision to do as they see fit.

The latest entry to the Pro Skater line of games is not off to good start. Gaming review sites have almost been unanimous with comments critical of the bugs and odd design decisions that are present in the game. In the video above, you can see for yourself what is currently ailing the game. As a telling sign, the game required a day-one patch that was actually larger than the game on disk, though I wouldn’t have any experience with such matters.

Many people who have commented on these reviews and videos of Pro Skater 5 have called for EA to make skate 4. I don’t know what the EA executives think when they read these comments. In the end, a fourth skate game will probably not be made and it all boils down to money. It just wouldn’t make money for EA. In the meantime, we get to enjoy more Tony Hawk.

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