On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of seeing comedian Norm Macdonald perform live at the River Rock Casino. Norm is one of my favourite comedians and has been since his days at the anchor desk of Weekend Update on SNL. Despite living in the US for many years, Norm still has a great fondness for his homeland, which also adds to his appeal as one of many successful Canadian comics.

Norm did not disappoint and his set was performed very much in his style. He sometimes appears to ramble on and you’re not sure where the joke is going but you have to put your trust in him. You’re in good hands and he’ll lead you to the punchline eventually. He covered topics all across the board, jumping from one thing to another. He did a short bit about Bill Cosby and one of the jokes came from the Larry King interview you see above.

Norm also talked about getting old. He straight up said that his penis didn’t work as well as it used to and he wondered why people could retire from having sex like you retire from working. He also did an amazing bit about male masturbation. He revealed that he can only fantasize being with average women because even in his fantasies, he can’t imagine that an attractive woman would want to join him in carnal pleasure.

As a testament to his rambling style, at one point, he let on that he had got to the end of his material twenty minutes ago and that he had been just randomly talking about stuff since then. No one could tell as it all seemed to be all part of his set. Apparently the stage manager had signaled to him several times that he could leave the stage but Norm just ignored him.

Norm has a fairly active Twitter account, so you can view all the Periscope videos he made during the weekend here in Vancouver. Some people also paid extra money for a meet and greet (which I did not even know about) and their photos can be viewed here.

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