During the last TV season I found that I was particularly taken by a large number of new shows. I wrote about that briefly in a previous post where I posited that would be the kiss of death for those shows. Oh Selfie, you were gone far too soon. Anyways, a few of those shows hung around for season 2! Yay!

While it’s good news that some shows are returning, in some cases, I never got around to finish watching the entire season. Due to the modern world providing an average person a plethora of ways to waste their time on this planet, many episodes of various shows remain unwatched. When summer rolled around, I decided I’d have months to catch up on these shows before the fall season rolled around. Well, of course I used the summer to do things other than watch TV. I played video games and went outside.

So now it’s September and the new TV fall season is fast approaching. For some shows I’m lucky in that their season premieres won’t happen until the beginning of 2016, like Daredevil and 12 Monkeys. Going the other extreme, two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead have already aired and I haven’t even watched the first one. As a side note, I’ve walked by the set FtWD a few times during the summer in downtown Vancouver.

Anyways, now that the weather is all crappy, I’ll have more time to be inside to finish my TV watching and start accumulating fat for the colder months.

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