I’m now past the half way point of my one-year contract at EA, which means I’m now eligible for benefits at the company. The benefits for temporary full-time employees aren’t as good as RFTs as we miss out on bonuses and the sweet RRSP matching. Losers can’t be choosers though, so I’m just happy for the medical and dental benefits. The timing is good because it’s time for my regular dental check-up this month anyways.

Now that I have my work benefits, I can cancel my own personal health plan that I started with Manulife around November. I paid about $67 a month, mainly because I wanted my dental to be covered because my check-ups were billed at over $200 sometimes. In the end, I didn’t take advantage of the plan as much as I should have. For example, I neglected to get registered massage therapy which I was covered for up to $400 a year I think. Stuff like that made it a bad deal for me. Though, it was great when I went to San Diego, because my plan had travel insurance included.

Will I go get another personal health care plan once my contract ends in February? I’m not sure as I’m currently leaning towards no. It might make sense for people with families but maybe not for me.

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