There’s a co-worker that sits on the other side of my low cubicle wall. I think we’ve spoken once the entire time he’s been on the team and that’s when he moved all his stuff from another part of the studio to his current space. He’s not part of my scrum or any of the main scrums, so I don’t know what he does nor do I even know his name. I just know he’s a software engineer. That seems kinda bad.

Anyways, he has an endearing habit of humming to himself while he works. He doesn’t do it very often as days could go by before he does it again. He also hums at a perfect volume, not loud enough to bother me but not too soft that we can’t hear it at all. I’m pretty sure he has his headphones on when he does this.

It sounds like he only hums this one tune. I can’t figure out what the song could be. I don’t recognize it. It’s very upbeat and has a relatively high tempo, enough so that it actually puts me in a better mood when I hear him hum this song. My mind tries to fill in missing details and for this particular mystery, it is guessing this song is from the 70s, possibly a catchy pop tune.

I suppose I could just one day ask him what song he’s humming but I think that might embarrass him. I’m ok with not ever knowing what that song is.

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