On the weekend strong winds and heavy rains pummeled the great Vancouver area. Close to 400,000 people were without power at one time. My sister and her husband had no electricity for over 30 hours. Strangely, I was unaffected and had power the entire weekend. My lights didn’t even flicker once.

The weather turned for the worse quickly. On Wednesday, I was playing tennis on a warm and muggy evening. The rains then started on Friday before the trees began toppling on the weekend. The weather appears to be staying bad for most of the week if the forecast holds true.

This maybe the end of the warm weather for the year in Vancouver. Vancouver is notorious for having an abrupt end to summer. There will be literally one last day of sun and warm temperatures and then it will be continuous rain and gray skies for about six months. There will be no easy transition nor Indian summer. It will be September on Tuesday and I can already anticipate the rainy weather that might dominate the month.

If this is indeed the end of the warm and dry weather, I’ll chiefly disappointed because I won’t be able to play tennis outside anymore. Tennis season for me started in May and I basically played once or twice a week since then. It’s been great for my health and my waistline. There are indoor facilities but it definitely is way less hassle to play outside. Well, maybe it’s time I started to put on some hibernation fat anyways.

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