I occasionally buy and prepare frozen pizzas for consumption. For all these years, I’ve been cutting up my pizza like a fool with a simple kitchen knife. A few weeks ago, I started to wonder if my life was missing something by not using those circular pizza cutters. Last weekend I was at Wal-Mart and I remembered my pizza cutter curiosity. The cheapest one they had was $9. I thought that was a bit much for something I would only use irregularly. I went to a dollar store instead and found one for $2. That’s more reasonable! Sure the handle is made of cheap plastic and the metal-cutting wheel probably has high concentrations of Chinese lead in it but the important point is that I saved a lot of money.

Anyways, I cooked up a frozen pizza last night and I got to use my pizza cutter for the first time. It was a revelation. I’d been cutting pizza wrong all these years. It was so easy to slice up that pie. Maybe I’ll upgrade to a fancier pizza cutter in the future.

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