I try to bring snacks to work because buying snacks from the cafeteria is not cost efficient. I was at Walmart on the weekend and I saw a bag of corn nuts. I love corn nuts. Now technically I’m no longer eating potato chips but this is ok because corn nuts aren’t made of potatoes. You may scoff at this distinction but remember, I prescribe to the Bill Clinton school of distinctions. Anyways, I had a choice between salted and unsalted generic corn nuts. I went with the unsalted kind because I thought it would be healthier as most people need to cut more sodium out of their diet.

Once I got the bag home, I had to try them, as I said, I love corn nuts. These unsalted corn nuts had all the texture and crispness of regular corn nuts. There was no disappointment there. I must admit though, the salt is half the taste, if not more. Let’s face it, salt tastes great. It’s why we add it to so many of our foods. As crunchy and crisp as a corn nut can be, it’s not the same if there’s no salt.

I’ll probably soldier on and finish the bag, or might even just dump a whole bunch of salt into it. Well, I tried to be healthy.

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