As we all know, Mondays kinda suck. This Monday almost sucked even more than usual had it not been for Facebook. I was quite tired Sunday night so when I fell asleep, I was in a deep slumber. When morning arrived, the familiar notification tone went off on my cell phone. I barely heard it in my sleep but it was enough to rustle me into consciousness. I grabbed my phone to see what time it was. It was then I realized my alarm had not gone off. It fifteen minutes after my usual alarm time.

Being fifteen minutes behind schedule wasn’t going to ruin my day but it certainly wasn’t a great way to start off the week either. My phone is set to be in “quiet” mode in the evenings until 8:30am, when I should already be awake. It was a Facebook notification that woke me up this morning. If that hadn’t come through or if no one had sent me any messages at all, who knows how long I would have slept.

I’ve been using a new alarm app that I downloaded recently and I think when I rebooted my phone on the weekend, it must have deleted my alarm. I think I’m going back to the default alarm app. Who would have guessed Farmville actually was useful for once?

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