E3 2016

I have decided that I will finally go to E3 in 2016. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the most well-known convention or trade fair for the video game industry. I’ve heard about E3 since before I became a game developer. I’ve always wanted to go. Now, with my 12 years in the industry under my belt, I’ve realized no employer of mine will send a low-level schmuck like myself on the company dime. It’s up to me to get there.

There are a few obstacles to hurdle before this becomes a reality. First, is getting a hotel. There will be literally thousands of people in Los Angeles just for E3 and everyone needs a place to stay. I’ve already started looking online for a hotel that fits my budget. I’m not afraid to go a bit pricier but I’m also not paying $500 a night for a room. Second, I actually need to procure a pass to E3. Contrary to what the public might think, E3 is actually not open to the public. You must have a connection to the industry to attend. I believe that I know enough people now and have worked on enough games to get a pass. Lastly, I need to book the flights, which would be the easiest part of this adventure.

Anyways, it’s now just over 11 months away until E3 2016, time to start cracking!

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