I’ve decided to stop eating potato chips for as long as I can. Why? I always struggle to eat healthy and I think this is another way I can make improvements in my life. I suppose the seed of the idea was planted about a decade ago. A former co-worker of mine would pick a new food to stop eating on New Year’s Day. When I first met him, he was going through his whole year without having french fries. He did that successfully and then went onto pizza. A current co-worker is going one step further and staying away from any and all fried foods.

I’m going to start small and eliminate potato chips from my diet. I don’t think this will be that difficult. I don’t consume them at work and I might buy the odd bag here and there during a regular month. I’ve loved eating chips all my life however. I’ll take this week by week and see how it goes. If I’m successful maybe I’ll move onto french fries as well.

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