This afternoon, the game I’m working on was announced to the public at E3. I’m proud to be working on Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. I really wanted to work on the first game but there wasn’t a right opportunity to do so while I was at PopCap Vancouver. I’m glad to have finally made it onto the team now. The game plays great and though this is certainly personal opinion, I think it’s the best game being developed out in Burnaby right now.

As to be expected, the public’s opinion of the reveal was mixed. Those with less than positive comments mostly come from a place of ignorance as they’ve never really played the first game nor bothered to read the strong reviews. On the other hand, there were lots of enthusiastic responses as well. We revealed a game mode that fans had been asking for since the first game and that made people happy. In general, I’m pleased to be working on a colourful, light-hearted, family friendly, third-person shooter, which is a rarity in the market these days. I’m especially stoked when I hear parents say this is the one game they can play with their younger children but both enjoy just as much. I’ve been told the telemetry shows that adults and younger folk played the first game in relatively equal numbers, a good feat for any game.

Anyways, there’s still lots to be done until the game hits shelves in the spring of 2016.

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