Just like that and my passport is now expired. I haven’t been able to travel abroad since the beginning of May. Since I have less than three days of vacation at work, it’s not really urgent that I get a new passport. Nonetheless, I am applying for a passport renewal tomorrow. I’ve already filled out the simplified two-page renewal form and on the weekend, I had some terrible passport photos taken.

I could go to one of the three local passport offices in the greater Vancouver area but it won’t be necessary. Those offices have notoriously long lineups and you only really need to go there if there is a time constraint involved. As such, I’ll be dropping off my application at a Service Canada location. These places are usually way less busy than a passport office and by dropping it off there, I save the cost of mailing in my application.

I should get my new passport in about 20 business days. I decided to get a ten-year renewal, so I won’t have to do this again for a while.

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