Because of recent Safeway deals, I’ve accumulated several tubs of 500ml Haagen-Dazs ice cream. As many of you know, I’m slightly lactose tolerant so having that much ice cream at home is a risky proposition, no matter how delicious I think it is.

I initially tried savouring little bits of one tub at a time, no more than perhaps a large spoonful in total. I was good in that respect for several weeks but then over the weekend, I went hog-wild and ate half the container in one go. That left me fairly gassy for a while and I’m still kinda feeling it today. Ice cream also contains a lot of fat and sugar, so I’ve decided it’s best if I didn’t consume the rest of my ice cream stash. The question remains, what to do with the rest of it?

The easiest answer is to just throw it away. I can put it into the compost container in the garbage room and be done with it. That seems like such a waste though. Ice cream is so delicious and for those who don’t get all farty and poopy from it, it’s a real nice treat. I unfortunately don’t know my neighbours well enough to give them food. I could bring it to work but it takes me about a half hour to get there and I’m afraid it’d get pretty melted. It’s quite warm now and even though tomorrow is calling for showers, the temperatures will still be in the mid-20s.

Though now that I think of it, maybe I can just re-freeze it once I get to work. Yeah, my co-workers deserve a nice treat.

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