I know my readers anxiously wait for this every year but the wait is finally over, I received my property tax assessment in the mail today. Since my property assessment went down this year, I was expecting my property tax to go down as well. To my relief, my property taxes are indeed less compared to last year, by 10%.

What will I do with that extra money? Well, can I even call it extra money actually? It’s just money I didn’t spend on taxes. Anyways, the amount is fairly small so there’s not a lot of options. I could put it towards an existing RRSP or TFSA account. That’s always a smart choice. Maybe I should bet on hockey again. Despite my wishes against it, I feel like the Anaheim Ducks will win the Cup this year. I want to be wrong but it looks like the safe bet at this point. Or perhaps I should spend it on a nice dinner, like a 20 piece bucket with fries.

For all the other homeowners out there, good luck with your taxes!

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