After work on Friday I came home and checked my mail. To my delight, my new credit card had arrived. As I detailed in a previous post, I was eager to use this new card as its cash back reward system offered much more money back than my previous one. I immediately transferred as many accounts as I could to use this new card, things like Netflix and Amazon. Over the weekend, I went grocery shopping and also took my Mom out for dinner for Mother’s Day. I tried not to spend more than I would usually. Though this card definitely gives me more cash back, just not spending money in the first place puts a lot more money back into your wallet.

I wound up spending about $180 over the weekend but over $70 of that was just for dinner. Nonetheless, that amount already qualifies me for a cash reward of $4.64. Under my old credit card, I would have received $0.90 back. If you must spend your money, you might as well spend it in a smarter way.

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