In late 2014, YouTube announced they were going to start supporting videos with a playback frame rate of 60 fps. Initially, they were starting to roll that out with videos that showcased lots of motion and only on Chrome. It looks like they’ve now opened that up to different types of videos and also to other browsers. I’m on Firefox and this evening, I saw the first sets of 60 fps videos available to me. When I clicked the “quality” button for a video, I saw surprised to see 720p60 as an option.

The one above is the first 60 fps video I had the pleasure of viewing. Yes, that’s right, Jimmy Kimmel is interviewing actress Patricia Heaton in sixty glorious frames per second. Even in a very stable, motion neutral video like a sit-down interview, the difference is noticeable. I hope more of these will be offered, especially sports videos. Having said that, film clips should stay at their current frame rates.

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