The local professional ice hockey team in this city, the Vancouver Canucks are currently facing elimination from the 2015 NHL playoffs. They are currently down three games to one against the Flames of Calgary. As you might remember, I already bet $20 free Bodog dollars that Calgary will defeat Vancouver when the series is over. That will net me a cool $24. Is that outcome likely to happen? Let’s just say that I’m pretty confident that I’ll be $24 richer in the next few days. It’s just a matter of exactly when that becomes a reality.

This brings me to my current dilemma. The daring and adventurous side of me wants to make another bet, this time on the outcome of game five. Calgary has won the last two games handily, dealing Vancouver a crushing blow on the scoreboard and to their confidence. I’ve watched a lot of hockey in my years and these last two games were not tightly contested affairs. Calgary has all the momentum and from a metaphorical standpoint, they have a very fragile Vancouver team down on the mat. The Flames will be looking to deal the killing blow on Thursday evening.

To that end, it seems like a safe bet to put some money down on Calgary to win. Strangely, the bookies haven’t changed their odds on the game as they still have Vancouver as the favourites. I believe this is the right time to make a significant bet as all the signs point towards a Flames victory. Knowing my luck though, the Canucks will find a fluky way to win just to screw up my bet.

I have most of tomorrow to make a final decision. I shall report back.

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