A few days ago I was at a local department store to buy an extension cord. I approached a cashier to pay for the item and I noticed a small box of chocolates at the sales counter. The Tabasco people had combined their famous hot sauce with chocolate. This small bar of chocolate cost about $1.50 so I decided to try it out.

As you can see above, the bar isn’t that big so I knew if I didn’t like it at least there wouldn’t be a lot of it to eat. The chocolate itself is a really dark colour which I was glad to see since I much prefer dark chocolate these days. I broke off a piece and ate it. The first piece was underwhelming. It tasted like a normal piece of dark chocolate, though admittedly it was pretty good and not too sweet. Not a hint of that familiar Tabasco hot sauce flavour. I encountered the same thing with the second piece. It was only by the third piece did I started to detected a bit of spiciness. The final piece had a slight kick to it.

Unfortunately, at no time could I even tell this chocolate had any of that Tabasco flavour in it. It was just chocolate that happened to have this generic mildly spicy kick. If I hadn’t seen the wrapper, you could have said it was chocolate with black pepper in it and I would have believed you.

I can’t say i would recommend this as a purchase. At this point, I’m wondering if you’re better off just buying regular dark chocolate and pouring on some normal Tabasco sauce on it.

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