Most people try to be efficient when they’re at work. I get it. The more time you waste not doing work means you’re not as productive. Sometimes wasting time is fun but in general, you just want to get your stuff done. So people try to be efficient with their time. Case in point is not having to make two trips from your desk when you have to use the washroom and when you need to get some coffee or tea. Why not combine both things into one trip?

Earlier in the week, I’m going to the washroom and there’s a guy ahead of me. He’s holding a coffee mug in one hand. He brings the mug into the bathroom and leaves it on a shelf that’s attached to the wall across the from the stalls. We go do our business and I leave before he’s done (I did wash my hands). I’m not sure what he did with his mug afterwards but I would never bring my mug, cup, or glass into the bathroom with me. Who knows what kind of poop or pee particles are in the air that could land into your drinking instrument?

Sure, his mug might have been empty and he could have washed it after he got out of there but feeling is it would have been better to not even have those poop and/or pee particles in there in the first place. So what is the better solution? Well, outside the washroom door is a much smaller shelf that seems to be somewhat decorative but can fit a coffee mug easily. Leave your mug there. Alternatively, you can just leave your mug temporarily at the coffee/tea station while you go do your business. In that short amount of time, no one is going to take it.

Let’s not bring out drinks into the washroom with us.

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