I’ve gotten into the habit of eating two scrambled eggs and two pieces of bacon for breakfast at work. What a great way to start the day. Though after having that three days in a row, I was concerned by my bacon consumption and this morning I decided not to have any breakfast at work. That just led to me being super hungry well before lunch. I’m going back to the bacon and eggs tomorrow.

Speaking of work, I get paid tomorrow. After two full weeks of work, I finally get compensated. I haven’t received money that wasn’t a government handout since October 10. I wasn’t hurting for money but I’ll take it.

To satisfy my curiosity I went to Target to have a look at their sales. It was clear the stores have already been picked over for the best stuff. There was still a fair amount of product on the shelves though. That can be attributed to the fact that most stuff was only 30% off. That doesn’t seem like a “going out of business” discount, that’s more like a “we’re still in business but here’s a sorta good discount”. For some items, even with the 30% discount, the prices were still very close to other retailers like Walmart (and those are their regular prices). I did buy one thing however. I got a new shower curtain for $10. Over the course of Target’s presence in Canada, I bought less than a half a dozen items at all their stores.

Ok kids, have a great weekend.

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