I don’t consider myself a football fan even in the loosest sense of the word. I don’t really follow the NFL and I don’t follow the CFL (which might make me a bad Canadian). As many of you know, the Super Bowl was on today. I didn’t watch any of the commercials and didn’t watch any of the half-time show. I was playing video games instead. What I did do was turn on my TV for the last minute of the game.

What I did see when my TV had finished warming up was that Seattle was basically about to grasp its fingers around its second consecutive Super Bowl Championship. They were five yards from the goal line and all they had to do was run the ball into the end zone. Yes, technically had they done that Tom Brady would have still had maybe one or two plays to tie it up but the odds would have been totally against him. So me, not even a football fan, knew that a running play would have almost guaranteed Seattle another championship. Why do I know that? Because they have a pretty good running back and he’s pretty good at Mortal Kombat too.

Instead of giving the ball to that dude, Seattle coach Pete Carroll decided to go for a passing play, which of course was intercepted and sealed the Super Bowl victory for New England. I haven’t seen such a bone-headed move since perhaps the Canucks started Roberto Luongo three times in Boston in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals despite him being completely useless in Beantown.

For not being a football fan and not living in Seattle, even I felt bad for Seahawks fans. I can’t imagine the anguish the actual fans went through this evening. This is why following sports kinda sucks sometimes.

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