My latest trip to San Diego was quite different from my first one. I didn’t try to jam in activities and sight-seeing every single day like last time. My only goals this time were to relax and enjoy the weather.

The weather didn’t exactly cooperate the first day. When I landed, the skies were a bit overcast and sun was hiding behind clouds. I was hoping the clouds would go away but instead, as the hours went on, it got more gray. Then in the late afternoon, as I was out by the water, it started to rain. I was a bit dismayed that I’d traveled all this way to experience rain, which I knew was not falling in Vancouver at the time. It was raining so hard that I had to retreat back to my hotel because I didn’t bring neither a proper jacket nor an umbrella. Luckily, the rain went away by dinner time and that was the only inclement weather during the trip.

It was sunny and warm for the rest of my time in the city, with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. It’s still such an amazing thing to experience warm temperatures likes that in February while in North America. I wore shorts and a t-shirt during the day, though if you’re out on the water, you probably need a light jacket or a hoodie.

I can’t say I really did or see a lot during the trip other than eat and enjoy the sun. That was the plan though, so I feel good about that. I did take in one harbour tour by water though. The boat took us past a huge US Navy shipyard and under the Coronado Bay Bridge twice. I’d never seen that many US Navy ships in one place before. In general, there is a large military presence in and around San Diego, mostly from the navy.

One particular thing I have to mention is that this was the first vacation I took while having mobile data the entire way. I purchased a three-day talk/text/data plan from Roam Mobility before I left. For less than $4 a day, I had my own local number and could call locally and even back to Canada. Having access to mobile data was the biggest win though. You get 400 Mb a day, which rolls over to the next day if you don’t use all of it. It was so nice to be able to use Google Maps and look stuff up while I was around the city. When I was on the boat tour, I was sending pictures to a friend over instant message as the tour was proceeding. All of this is done over an LTE network too which means everything is super fast. I’m not on an LTE network at home and that was my first time seeing how fast it is. In a way, I wish I had never seen how good LTE is, now that I’m back home on my regular 3G network. Anyways, if you’re Canadian and visiting the US, Roam Mobility is the way to go.

I would not hesitate to return to San Diego for a third time. No matter how much you see and do there, the weather will always be something I want to experience. I shall think of sunny and warm San Diego for months to come.

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