So it’s that time of year for Canadians to buy RRSPs before the deadline. As part of the Home Buyers’ Plan, I have to buy RRSPs every year to repay what I took out when I bought my home. I could buy the safest RRSPs out there, investment choices where volatility is extremely low but so is the chance for growth. Because I’m terrible with money, I’ve decided to buy a mutual fund that has holdings in Mexico, Central and South America. The volatility of this fund is high and currently it’s not doing so well. If you had bought into this fund about six months ago, you’d be down about 17%. I think that’s great though because it’s got a good chance of going up. I’m using the “buy low, sell high” strategy here. Because it’s an RRSP, I’m not looking to sell this fund anytime soon.

I’m sure there are better choices out there in terms of RRSPs but I think this will be a good experiment. I just need social and economic stability from Latin America. That’s not too much to ask, right?

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