When I was a child, typical things got me excited: french fries, sci-fi movies, and video games. I guess those things still excite me as an adult but I’ve discovered the most mundane things can be a cause to celebrate. Case in point happened about a week ago. I went to get my home insurance renewed. The insurance company had sent me a renewal package but I had shopped around for quotes. Ultimately though, it appeared my current insurance provider was still the cheapest. I was about to pay it online but I wanted to make sure all the terms of my coverage still made sense. I decided to drop by the office to speak with an agent.

Once I got there, an agent went through my current policy and we decided to change a few things. For one, I think I had listed my personal property at $50K. I’m not sure if I’ve ever owned $50K of stuff over the course of my lifetime, let alone currently in my apartment. So we changed that amount to something a lot more reasonable. The agent also found a few discounts that I was now eligible for. Some of these were significant. In the end, my original quoted renewal was $260 and that went down to $173. When the agent told me that I was like, hell yeah, let’s get that done right now. He’d reduced the amount I had to pay by over $85. That was the cheapest my insurance has ever been, eclipsing the $220 mark from several years ago.

Getting my insurance this year for that cheap made my day and I was super excited I was able to save that much money. I’m sure as a child the concept of buying insurance would have been a boring concept to me but this has been a highlight of the month so far!

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