Today was the day I was supposed to get the Internet working again in my home. Around 10:30am this morning, a Telus technician phoned me to say he was five minutes out and ready to finish up some wiring in my home. He arrived promptly and the worked he needed to do lasted only about ten minutes or so. He was out the door very quickly after that.

I then ran quickly across the street to the post office, where my DSL modem was waiting for me. I brought it back home, unpacked it, and wired everything up. I plugged it in and turned it on. One particular light on the modem would have to go from off, blinking green, and then finally to solid green to indicate everything was working properly. After five minutes, that light never changed from blinking green. I called my new ISP to ask them what was going on. I was told that even though Telus completed all the physical wiring work today, they have until 1pm tomorrow to actually flip all the necessary “switches” on their end to enable Internet access in my home. Contractually, my new ISP can’t chase down Telus for this until the stupid 1pm deadline passes tomorrow. Of course, no one told me this, neither my new ISP nor Telus (even when the guy was in my home). I’m stuck with another day without proper Internet access.

I get the feeling when it’s 1pm tomorrow, that damn light will still be blinking green instead of solid. That’s just the luck I usually have for these type of things. I am running out of patience!

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