I don’t watch a lot of TV compared to when I was younger. In this day and age, there are so many different ways to entertain yourself that TV is no longer the sole choice of mindless fun. Because of that, I wind up trying out perhaps only one or two new TV series every fall for the last several years. It dawned on me this week there was a pattern to most of the shows I start watching. The majority of them get cancelled after less than two seasons, some barely have a singe one.

What is it about the shows I like? Is it a curse that I put upon them? I don’t think so. Do I just like shows that are bad? I might be biased but I wouldn’t be watching shows that I thought was bad. Is it just bad luck then? Who knows.

Here’s a list of shows from recent years that I really like and never got a second season:

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

This spin-off from the Terminator universe was cancelled almost six years ago and to this day I’m still very sad about that decision. The show followed Sarah Connor and her future leader son, John (as a teenager) as they resumed their lives after the Terminator left them in T2. Future John sent them a new Terminator, a female one named Cameron to keep them safe. The show was cancelled during a cliffhanger, which is part of the reason why it was so tough to accept its demise. I’ll never get a resolution or closure from that last episode.

Almost Human

This show was just from last year. Karl Urban portrayed a human police officer paired up with an android partner in this near-future buddy cop drama. It was filmed in Vancouver, which made it all the more enjoyable to watch. I walked by their set a few times in various locations when they were filming. The show never got farther than 13 episodes before it was cancelled.


This show debuted just in September, this current TV season. This romantic comedy featured Karen Gillan (fresh off her gig on Guardians of the Galaxy) and John Cho (of hamburger and Sulu fame), in a modern-day remake of My Fair Lady. I usually don’t watch rom-coms but John Cho reeled me in at first. Then I saw that he and Gillan had some amazing on-screen chemistry. The show was really fun to watch, so of course, after just seven episodes, ABC cancelled it. The remaining six episodes that were filmed were tossed to Hulu like a dead body. What a shame the best episodes were aired after it was cancelled.

So currently I’m watching two more new shows that I’m afraid probably won’t make it to next season. Constantine is the TV version of the comic book character. NBC chose not to order more than thirteen episodes for the first season, which is not a good sign. I’m also watching 12 Monkeys, which so far has only aired two episodes. Hard to tell what will happen to a show after only two episodes but then again, I do have that special touch.

I see that a lot of these shows that I like and get cancelled are sci-fi and/or fantasy shows. It’s quite possible those shows are just harder to get a decent audience. I thought it was ok to like nerd stuff now!

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