Though the severity has varied over the last few weeks, I have been under the weather since about Boxing Day. For first week or so, I had what seemed like a mild sinus infection on my right side. All it was was some congestion and a bit of mucus build up. It wasn’t really so bad, just a minor annoyance as I didn’t have any other symptoms. After a week though, I felt terrible all of a sudden and the mild sinus infection turned into what seemed like a full-blown cold. Both of my sinuses were now clogged up and congested. I started making copious amounts of green-yellow mucus from my nose. I also got a bit of a sore throat and a cough.

For the next three days of so, I felt awful and basically stayed in bed most of the time. Then I started feeling better as the general malaise went away as did the sore throat. The cough got better too but the nasal congestion remained. I could have seen a doctor at this point but it looked like I was getting better.

I waited for the sinus congestion to go away and on some days it felt like it might but it would never fully get better. It’s been like this for the last week and a half. Some nights it’s difficult to get decent rest since my sinuses are congested. I try to blow my nose to clear it but sometimes there’s nothing there but it’s still really hard to breathe.

I finally decided to seek medical advice today but when I phoned my family doctor’s office, I was told my doctor was booked up until he gets back in two weeks. I then visited two different walk-in clinics but both had reached their patient limits for the day already. I’ll try to wake up early tomorrow and get to a clinic before they close up for the day.

In recent memory, I can only think of one time where I’ve been ill this long. Back in grad school, one winter I had a nasty cough for an entire month. I just could not shake it. I wound having to take codeine which I’m pretty sure made me high for a while.

Anyways, I’m ready for this cold to go away.

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