Well, this new year is off to a great start for me. The minor sinus infection I thought I had last week managed to linger all through the last several days of 2014. It bothered me just enough to knock me out of my ordinary routine but wasn’t debilitating to the point where I was bedridden all the time. On Friday, it seemed it was clearing up for good as my right sinus (the infected one) was producing less of that greenish-yellow mucous and I was breathing without difficulty. I even went outside and got some exercise which felt great. Things changed drastically on Saturday afternoon. I felt really tired all of a sudden and both of my nasal passages were very clogged up.

I felt awful for most of Saturday evening, like perhaps I had a real cold rather than just a sinus infection. I decided to go to bed early, which was 1am for me. I was probably asleep for about two hours when I woke up with this feeling like I couldn’t breathe very well. Once fully awake, I discovered the source of my troubles were my congested nasal passages. I had to sit up to somewhat breathe normally. I went to the bathroom and rifled through the cabinet drawers to look for some cold or flu medications, anything that drugs for relieving nasal or sinus congestion. Then I realized I threw out all my cold/flu meds a few months ago when I discovered they were all past their expiry date. So I had nothing to use and I wasn’t about to go to a 24 hour pharmacy at 3am to get something.

I went back to bed and sat upright again. I began reading an e-book on my tablet, Darrell Hammond’s account of his early life and his time on Saturday Night Live. I’m a fan of his work, so the book was a fascinating and at times, tragic view of his whole life. I kept waiting for fatigue to take me back to sleep, hopefully sitting up so I could breathe easier. Well, the hours went by quick and I finished the book. I then turned to randomly surfing the Internet when sometime around 8am, I finally felt tired enough to fall asleep. I’m not sure how long I was out for but it didn’t seem long because of my awkward body position caused the circulation to be cut off in one of my arms. That jolted me out of my sleep. This happened a few more times before sometime after 12pm, I decided I wasn’t really going to get much more rest with my sinuses still congested like this.

Still feeling kinda crappy, I got up, blew my nose, made some breakfast, and decided I needed to go to the drug store downstairs. It took some effort but I dragged my ass outside to some meds, specifically something to clear my congestion. I consumed one pill right away after I got home and it seemed to work almost immediately. I was able to breathe easy all evening. I’ll take one more before going to bed and hopefully I’ll be able to sleep normally tonight. I have no more e-books on my tablet for tonight.

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