Well, for what it’s worth, I still don’t have Internet access at my home. My change in ISPs has turned into a bit of a nightmare. There’s no point in talking about it again until it gets fixed. Anyways, I’m typing this from a soup kitchen somewhere in east Van where I managed to get a nice bowl of hot minestrone and some free wi-fi. Thank the maker for the charitable nature of our society.

Recently, I went to a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine. His wife had arranged the whole thing. She invited all the guests to their family home while my friend was out for a few hours. My friend and I had been talking about visiting his home for a couple of years now but we never got around to it. With the surprise party, I was able to see his nice house and meet his wonderful sons for the first time. He gave me a tour of his lovely home and one of the rooms he showed me was his oldest boy’s room. That young man is about six years old now I believe. When I saw his room, I noticed his parents bought him a “double” or “full” bed. For a dude who was just in a crib a short while ago, that’s a hell of a step up. I didn’t start sleeping in a “double” until I bought my apartment. For the majority of my life, I slept in a “twin” or a “single”. That’s what I slept on when I was living at home and when I was at university for both of my degrees. When I made the switch to a “double”, it felt like I almost had too much room. I can’t imagine what his son felt like when he crawled into his big boy bed for the first time. He must have thought his parents bought him the largest bed in the world for him.

Will he be prepared to sleep in a “twin” if he needs to in some sorta institutional environment like a university dorm? Will he required a “queen” or even a “king” in his high school days? I think I’ll discuss this with my friend the next time I see him.

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