Because I’m still on antibiotics (you have to finish your whole course of treatment!), I have to take a pill every eight hours. I initially tried to time it so that I’d take a pill before going to bed and then a pill when I woke up (or slightly after). Well last evening, my scheduled slipped a bit so I was up a few hours after my last pill for that the day. So I had to set my alarm so I could wake up, take the pill, and then go back to bed.

For whatever reason, I was dreaming right before the alarm went off. Normally, I forget my dreams several hours after the fact, even if they are quite vivid. This morning was different however. I was dreaming about Captain America, the Chris Evans version, and it seemed like I was seeing Cap from a movie point of view. There was a narrator explaining the origins of the Star-Spangled Avenger and I was seeing the start of some training footage. Then my alarm went off and as I woke up, I felt a distinct sense of disappointment that my dream got interrupted and I could see more of Captain America.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so disappointed about a dream being cut short because I woke up.

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