As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been putting up a few ads on Craigslist to sell some of the spare computer parts I have lying around. The responses have been fewer than I had liked but two of them are worth noting here.

The latest was sent to me via e-mail today. I’m selling one of my video cards for $80. This potential buyer wanted to know if I would accept a $100 gift card from Subway. He even offered to visit a local Subway to verify that the card was valid and contained the amount he stated. If it was a Visa or Amex gift card, I might have actually considered his offer but I can’t even begin to estimate how long it would take for me to eat $100 worth of Subway products. I used to like Subway quite a bit but they have become very cheap with their products in recent years. They will use the minimum amount of ingredients in their sandwiches. You want green peppers in your sub? The “artiste” will string the thinnest sliver of green pepper they can along the length of your sub. This qualifies as having “green peppers” in your sub. Suffice to say, I had to turn down the dude with his Subway gift card.

Another potential buyer offered me half of what I wanted for a video card. We went back and forth a bit but he didn’t budge from his initial offer. Humourously, he wanted to me consider the fact that it was “Christmas and money is tight” for him right now. You know, such a holiday request would have been more appropriate if he was asking for food or clothes for his children but we’re talking about a transaction for a video card. I’m not a charity here, doling out life’s bare necessities. He’s probably wanting to buy this so his video games look shinier on his computer. His Christmas plea did not move in the least and I did not dignify his last message with a response.

This is my first time selling stuff on Craigslist and so far, I’m wondering if eBay is better way of going about it, even with the hassle of shipping.

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