For years, I’ve been trying to get invited to the holiday parties for some of the companies I used to work for. After I got laid off from EA in late 2010, I tried every year to be someone’s +1 for their parties. Having attended many of their holiday and wrap parties, it was easy to see EA had the resources to throw a damn good party. Despite all efforts, I could not find a single person to let me be their +1. I probably didn’t ask the right people.

Well, I’m happy to announce that I am indeed a +1 for tomorrow’s UFG holiday party. It probably worked in my favour that up until two months ago, I was one of their employees. I asked a guy that used to sit right across from my work desk if he was bringing anyone to the party. He said no, so he’s graciously allowed me to be his guest at tomorrow’s party. We got along really well during my time on Halo so I believe that’s why he’s doing this huge favour for me.

The Halo wrap party was just a month ago so it will be great to see everyone again so soon. That party was at a bar so it was a stand and mingle type party with appies. The holiday party is at a restaurant and apparently it’s a sit-down dinner type of affair. Fancy!

As an unemployed dude, I’m just happy to get a free meal and to see all my old co-workers again.

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