I have just returned from the Halo wrap party. The venue was a bar that served food. Great place except it was really tight on space at the height of the party when everyone was in attendance. The drink tickets were generously handed out. Everyone got four to start with but I found it was easy to get more without any trouble. On two occasions, people just handed me a shot without any prodding. One particular person I know got super duper drunk. I’d never seen him get that drunk before. When I arrived at the party, which was early on, he had already exhausted his drink tickets. On the way home in the cab, said friend asked me, “Erwin, you know where I live right?”. This indicated to me that perhaps he himself did not know where lived at that moment. We got him home safely though.

I’m about to eat a turkey bacon club sandwich, so I need to attend to that. Great party overall! Glad to be a very small part of the Halo universe now!

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