Since I’ve stopped working I’ve noticed I eat a lot less during the day. This was something that also happened during the “summer of me” in 2013. I was hoping this trend would continue this fall as well.

I’m still trying to figure out why this is. I believe it might be a combination of things. First, I wake up pretty late and it’s usually lunch time by the time I’m up. That means I already miss breakfast. I don’t feel like eating a big lunch right when I get up though, so I usually just have a toasted English muffin or something. By dinner time, I’m ready to have my first big meal of the day but that’s technically my “lunch” though for me. I do admit, my body sometimes does crave more food around 9pm. It’s weird, it’s not a feeling of hunger but it’s like my body knows that maybe it could or should be eating something more that point. To satisfy that I might have one or two snacks during the evening before I go to bed.

So in general, I’m consume less compared to the summer when I was working. In contrast, I’d wake up before work and have a small breakfast. Then after getting to work, I might have another breakfast, like a slice of toast or a bowl of cereal. I’d invariably then go for a big lunch. Then there would be the afternoon snack which might be some more toast or a doughnut. Dinner would then be somewhat substantial, either through my own means or a company supplied OT meal. When I would get home, I would also have one small snack before going to bed. I imagine I was probably burning a lot more calories when I working too but I’m happy to be eating less too now.

It’ll be interesting to see if I lose any weight during this time. I don’t think I gained that much weight over the summer, so there shouldn’t be too much to lose, if any.

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