In a previous post, I mentioned how I’m trying not to use baby powder after I shower. While it feels great and keeps the moisture away, the fine powder accumulates all over my bathroom. It makes my bathroom get dirtier quicker and it gets tiresome trying to clean the built-up layer of baby powder that seems to coat every surface.

It’s been a few weeks now, so I’m ready to report on some results. At first, it wasn’t a big deal. Yes, there is no doubt, I do feel drier when I use the powder. With the powder, everything just feels fresher: my pits, my butt crack, and underneath my boys. I was coping without it though and it seemed like maybe I could go without for a long time.

Then things changed when one day I detected that my pits were a bit stinky. Normally, that isn’t a problem, even during the summer. I’d been moving some stuff around in my apartment and I suppose I was exerting myself a bit. I don’t like stinky pits so I was dismayed at this development.

In response, I tried for a compromise. I went back to applying the powder but while I was still in tub with the shower curtain in place. I used to apply it when I was standing on my bath mat. The reasoning for the change was that if the excess powder was going to float around the air, it would be mainly contained within the tub. It looks like this is more or less the case. Of course, now the powder will just accumulate in a smaller area, namely the tub, the tile, and on my shower curtain. Is this better? I’m going to say yes for now? I just hope the stuff that goes down the drain won’t form into this goop that will block it.

Well, I’ll go with this solution for now and see if I’ll require a plumber a few months down the road.


  1. Why don’t you just lay a towel down on the floor and apply the powder while standing on the towel? Then shake out your towel on your deck…

  2. The dust is really fine and it carries in the air and lands on everything. I’d have to lay down plastic like they do when painting if I wanted to keep everything clean.

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