By my count, the fire alarm in my building went off at least five times in a 30 minute span starting at 9am this morning. This was probably not an issue for most people in my building as they were either at work on or on their way. For me, however, I was relying on sleeping until noon to get my eight hours. So I was not pleased to be awoken by the first alarm.

The first alarm went off for about three minutes which told me it was most likely a false alarm. I probably could have handled just one and fallen back to sleep but the alarm would turn off and then go back on for several seconds every five minutes. It was like being constantly bothered while trying to get back to sleep.

The alarms stopped, for whatever reason, shortly before 10am but the damage was done. I was wide awake now even though I’d probably only had about four hours of sleep at this point. I didn’t feel like I needed a nap in the afternoon but now in the evening, I am feeling quite fatigued.

Lastly, I understand the default response to a fire alarm should not be to remain in bed and actually trying to fall asleep but I knew it was a false alarm (and the subsequent ones were too). All you kids out there, get out of the building for all alarms no matter what.

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