For many, many years now, I’ve followed a post-shower ritual that involved applying baby powder to my body after drying off with a towel. The baby powder would be applied to both my armpits, my butt crack, and a light dusting to my berries. I started doing this because I liked the fresh feeling of the baby powder on the clean skin. It also smelled great and would continue to smell great throughout the day. The powder also absorbed moisture on my skin, perhaps not as good as antiperspirant but it certainly helped in the warmer months.

As great as those things are, there was one very visible drawback. My bathroom would get covered in a white coating of residual baby powder right in the area in front of my bathtub where I applied it. The bathroom tile is where it would accumulate the most. Since I’m a lazy fat ass, I don’t clean my bathroom floors everyday so the accumulation would get fairly thick. When it actually does come time to clean the tile, it’s almost like shoveling a light dusting of snow or cocaine. It makes cleaning my bathroom that much more difficult.

In light of this, I’ve decided to conduct an experiment. I’m going to attempt to not apply baby powder to my body for the next several weeks. The goal is observe how much less messy the bathroom gets and to see if I can adjust to not having the powder on me post-shower. Tonight was shower one of the experiment. I made sure I dried myself off really well as I knew there would not be the powder to absorb any extra moisture that might be on my body. It felt sorta ok putting on my clothes back on after the shower. I am definitely going to continue the experiment for the next several weeks. Stay tuned for an update as the experiment progresses.

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