I had dinner with my parents tonight and it was there that I told them my contract job had ended last week. They seemed to take it quite well and didn’t really question why I had originally quit a regular, full-time gig for a contract job that had distinct end. I also informed them that my EI claim had already been processed and approved. I told them I was going to get the maximum amount of benefits for about 35 weeks. I think that made them feel better and you know, I’ve been laid off so many times that they’ve gotten used to having their son not having a job. Each time, I manage to not lose my home, am able to feed myself, and eventually find a new job.

On the funemployment front, I’ve now gone to bed close to 6am on at least two occasions, the most recent being last night. I’m not sure why I decided it was a good idea to start playing a new video game at 3am. Never in my life have I started playing a new video game and then was able to stop playing it only a few minutes in. I need to stop going to sleep past 6am. I’ve done that thing before and it puts my schedule into a weird place. You can’t meet people for lunch anymore and I’ve raced to get up and get to a store before it closes.

So, we’re at week two now and hope the fun continues!

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