The strata council meeting minutes for September arrived in my inbox a few days ago and I only read them today. In the minutes were a report of a person who gained access to my building and then broke into two apartments. The security footage revealed the burglar was able to enter the building by surfing in behind someone who had legitimate access. The man simply just followed a resident into the building.

We’ve been told time and again not to let people into the building who don’t have an access fob, yet people seem to break this rule all the time. There’s no indication the person who let the burglar in is going to be fined or even talked to which disappoints me. I bet the people who had their homes burgled would love to speak to the irresponsible resident.

On a personal note, I’m going to turn motion sensing back on for my internal home security camera. I originally had it on but turned it off because it was too sensitive and I’d get false positives. I got tired of it crying wolf so I turned motion detection off. I’ll be turning it back on now and will attempt to tweak the settings.

I hope they catch the guy because I’d hate to think he’s getting bold now and might return for some more shenanigans.

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