So today was not one for the ages. It did not start off well right away. I woke up and while I was still in bed, I detected a slight tickle in my throat. I think everyone knows that feeling. You’re not sure if that tickle will develop into a sore throat and subsequently a nasty cold.

Things didn’t get better when I was late to meet my parents for dim sum. Luckily, it wasn’t too bad and we had a nice meal. Dim sum was quick though and before I left, my mother gave me some food so I didn’t have to think about dinner tonight. That’s great from both a convenience and money-saving standpoint.

Since I thought I might be on the verge of a cold, I decided to go home right away and just stay indoors for the most of the day. It was also raining quite hard too so it wasn’t pleasant weather to be out in anyways. Once at home, I just drank tea all day hoping my the tickle in my throat wouldn’t get worse.

By the evening, my throat did feel better but it’s one of these things where it can feel better and you feel worse after you sleep on it. There’s something about sleeping that allows a cold take over. I’m also now feeling the slightest of nasal congestion. It’s nothing too bad and I don’t feel like I even have to blow my nose but something is definitely off. I will have to wait until tomorrow morning to see how this plays out. Of course, I hope this doesn’t develop into a full-fledged cold.

I guess the most productive thing I did today was answer e-mails, mostly from recruiters. I feel lucky that despite not even indicating to a single person that I’m interested in finding a new job, people are coming to me with requests to chat about opportunities. To my amusement, one of the messages I replied to was from a Google recruiter. Google is wasting their time trying assess me as a candidate for their company. I know people who have gone on to work at Google and I know the type of tests you need to pass to work at Google. I’m no idiot but the reality is, I’m not smart enough to work at Google. Some might say that’s a self-defeating attitude but I call it being realistic.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully, I won’t feel like crap and I hope I’ll be able to get to back on track with some real tasks.

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