Every week during my time off, I’m trying to have a new set of goals or a list of things I want to tackle for that week. Sometimes it just might be a continuation of last week’s goals or things but I’m trying hard not to have too many weeks where I’m just being lazy. I figure I’ll inevitably be lazy anyways, even with goals so let’s not plan on being lazy.

Next week, I’ll be trying to get less fat and start being more active. I purposely didn’t have this as a goal right away because I was genuinely exhausted after my contract ended. Week one was basically just sleeping in and getting as much rest as possible. Now that I’ve been able to restore my energy reserves, it’s time to get back into better shape.

I prefer to be outdoors when I’m active and this is unfortunately a bit of a challenge during Vancouver’s rainy fall weather. Luckily, I bought a whole bunch of gear last fall that will help resist the wet weather. I have great hiking shoes, a North Face jacket, and a pair of water-resistant pants, all designed to keep a person dry during outdoor activities.

As for what I’ll be doing outside, I enjoy walking everywhere so I’ll partake in some urban adventures. I’ve never done the walk around Stanley Park in any season other than summer, so it will be interesting to see how it is in the fall. Something tells me it won’t be as nice. What will work against me is the amount of daylight. With the stupid daylight savings time, it can get dark as early as 4pm. I’m a sucker for sleeping in so I need to make sure I’m out there early enough to be not caught in the park in the dark.

Anyways, it’ll be good to work off all those OT meals from the summer.

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