I woke up this morning after 11am and proceeded to peruse the Internet on my tablet while still in bed. At times I would put my tablet down and close my eyes, then begin Interneting after an unknown amount of time. I figured I should probably get up when the clock rolled over to 1pm. Once up, I answered a few e-mails and then checked on my EI application. I had submitted all my documents and now it’s up to the federal government to process my claim and make a decision. If my previous experiences with the Harper regime hold true, my application will be stuck in limbo and no one will tell me so.

It was at this point I got a bit lazy. I had planned on going out and getting a few household items but the Internet took over again. It wasn’t until 4pm that I dragged my butt outside to the store. I returned with my supplies and a slice of pizza which served as lunch. At 6pm, I decided to start the massive cleaning operation for my apartment. It was perhaps a few hours later than I had anticipated the start but at least it was happening. My bathroom is where I began the cleanse. After everything was sparkling clean in there I took a little break for dinner. I was tempted to end the cleaning for the evening but I trudged on. I took out the garbage and some recyclables and then started to clean my living room. I got halfway through that before deciding to call it a night.

Tomorrow I will undoubtedly get up after 12pm but when I do, the plan is tackle the rest of the living room and start cleaning the kitchen and my bedroom. Realistically, because I’m lazy, vacuuming and the Swiffering of all floors will happen on Thursday. Which means everything will be clean by Friday!

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