It’s almost 2:30am as I write this and normally I’d be in bed right now, trying to get some sleep before the start of the new work week. Of course, all of you know that I currently don’t have a job right now. Tomorrow is the official start of my latest stint with not being employed.

I’m looking forward to getting as much sleep as I want every day, so I anticipate getting up around noon tomorrow. I don’t have any concrete plans for my first day of freedom. I might have to send a few e-mails and make a few calls but I have nothing else pressing on the agenda. I could order a new power supply for my new computer setup. I also could do some research into local plumbing companies since I need to fix my garbage disposal that’s been broken since early summer. I easily could just play video games all day but I feel like I should be more productive on my first day.

What I really should probably do tomorrow is clean my apartment thoroughly. It hasn’t been properly cleaned since late August. I could probably spend the whole day cleaning as there is that much to do. I will most likely break up that task into two or three days. I’d consider it a huge win if I had a sparkling clean apartment by the end of the week.

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