I arrived at work this morning to find that my chair massage cushion had been delivered to my desk. Not wanting to look like a complete slacker, I waited until lunch time to take it out of the box. Disregarding all instructions and notes, I set it up how I saw fit, which basically involved strapping it to the chair back and plugging the thing in.

I sat down and turned it on. It was felt amazing. It operates very much like the massage cushion you see in the video above (the one in the video is a bit more advanced). When you turn on the heat, the two massaging knobs light up red through some LEDs. It feels especially good when the massagers are at the extreme ends of their travel, at the top near my shoulders and at the bottom when it gets your lower back.

It turns off automatically after 15 minutes of continuous massage so overall, I got over an hour of massage throughout the entire day. I let other people try it out and it was a big hit with everyone. It appeared several people are seriously considering buy one for themselves. I can attest that you do feel a lot more relaxed as you work. I actually can’t wait to get to work and get my back massage first thing tomorrow morning!

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