So at work today, we were told how our names would appear in the credits list for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. To be clear, there will be an incredible amount of names listed in the credits for this game as so many different studios are working on this production. It will most likely be the longest credit section I’ll be a part of.

In our little section of the credits, I’m under the “programmer” category and for the first time in my career, I’ll be first in that particular list. Normally, lists are usually sorted alphabetically by last name and with a last name that starts with “T”, I’m near the end. This time, the names are sorted alphabetically by first name and I just happened to luck out that my first name with “E” is at the top. Not that matters really, there are guys at the bottom of the list who have way more experience than I and are much smarter.

Anyways, on November 11, I doubt many people will be looking at the credits but I’m glad to know my name will be tucked in there by the back corner.

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