The game I’m working on isn’t really done yet but people are starting to leave the team already in great numbers. A large portion of the team, myself included, are on contract so these contracts are starting to end. One guy finished his last week. Another guy is finishes his contract this week but is then moving onto a different team in the studio. One other dude is leaving the company at the end of the week. By the end of this week, more than 30% of the team will be gone in one form or the other. The interesting thing is, I still think we have a ton of work to do and now we have fewer people to do it with!

As for me, I’m gone on the 10th and by then I believe there will be only four or five people left on the team. I’m almost certain there will still be a considerable amount of work left to complete by that date. At that point, it won’t be my problem anymore though. This has been a most different project and I hope to write about it candidly some day.

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