So on the weekend, my parents tell me they’re going down to the local summer fair on Tuesday because it’s free admission day. The Pacific National Exhibition is a decades long staple of the last two weeks of August where people of all ages can enjoy rides, food, and fun. I guess I can understand why my parents wanted to go. They have free time and admission was waived.

Well, I come home tonight to find out that many, many people also took advantage of the free admission day. According to this news report, there were lineups of up to two hours to just get into the fair. All of this just to save $16 for my Mom and $8 for my Dad who is considered a senior. I know my parents hate lineups so I imagine the whole thing was just a pain in the ass for them today. I would have gladly given my parents the $24 so they could have gone another day and saved all the hassle.

This is why I’m extremely wary of free stuff sometimes. In most cases, it’s such a hassle to get the free crap, it’s worth it to pay the money and not deal with all the BS.

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