So on the weekend, the second annual food cart festival in my neighbourhood took place on Saturday. Unlike other food cart gathering in the city, the one in my ‘hood doesn’t charge admission to just get in.

The only unfortunate thing about this festival of food was the timing. It started at 4pm and went until 10pm but I had a family dinner the same evening. I went over to my parents’ place where my brother-in-law had cooked a delicious prime rib roast. The roast was very, very good so no complaints there. In a demonstration of first-world problems, there was just too much food to eat that night. After eating a huge prime rib dinner, I still wanted to eat food cart food.

After dinner, I got home well before 10pm but I was just still too full to justify buying a tub of poutine or chicken and waffles. I could have bought some food and then just ate it the next day but really, food cart food is best eaten immediately. The only thing I could do was buy half a dozen glazed doughnuts from the Krispy Kreme cart. I love KK doughnuts and these would definitely keep fresh until the next day.

In general, the whole food cart festival was well-organized and I think both the public and the vendors were happy with the event. I can’t wait next year when I can hopefully stuff my face with all sorts of food cart food.

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